Stars and Stripes Veterans Program

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The Stars and Stripes Veterans Program
Start date to be determined
Must complete a packet before participating

What is the Stars and Stripes Veterans Program?
With the increase of wounded warriors from ongoing peace efforts, Therapeutic Riding is a way to give back to the men and women who protect our freedom.

New Beginnings Therapeutic Riding offers veterans an opportunity to experience life from the back of a horse through a 10 week therapeutic riding course.

Therapeutic riding will not only give the veterans a recreational outlet to participate in, but research also shows that using professionally planned lessons can open doors that have been locked and can break down walls and barriers, allowing veterans to cope better with their current situation.

The Stars and Stripes Veteran Program is a recreational outlet to allow Veterans to better cope with their current circumstances.

Focusing on:

  • Confidence Building
  • Team Building
  • Workmanship Skills
  • Communication
  • Personal Space
  • Balance
  • Equine Skills (Grooming, Tacking, and Riding)
  • Physical Strength
  • Anger Management

The Stars and Stripes Veteran Program will provide a quiet, safe, relaxing environment where Veterans can share their experiences and have fun!

Why horses?
The bond between horse and human is undeniable and well documented. In a variety of ways, interacting with horses helps people with disabilities to reach their greatest potential.

Veterans helping Veterans
Veteran volunteers are recruited to help out their fellow veterans. They provide moral and physical support to their wounded comrades, honoring the military philosophy of no Veteran left behind.

All Veteran volunteers will receive training in program goals, horse handling, side walking, and safety.

Who is it for?
Open to all interested Veterans seeking to share their experiences and improve their overall behavioral, physical, mental, or emotional well-being such as PTSD, specific issues faced by wounded and traumatized military personnel.  Riding may be a challenging, exercise,  no horse experience needed.

FREE!  NBTR relies on fundraisers, grants and donations to help provide this service to our Veterans

Where is it located?
New Beginnings Therapeutic Riding Center (a supportive and therapeutic environment)

Other sources that have found therapeutic riding to be beneficial to Veterans:  American Legion, Veterans Administration, Disabled American Veterans, Equine Services for Heroes, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, nurses and rehabilitation specialists, and PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, Intl.).

What are the needs of starting the Stars and Stripes Veteran Program?

How does a Veteran become a participant?
Complete a rider packet that will have to be medically approved from a physician or therapists then return to New Beginnings Therapeutic Riding as soon as possible!

2018 Stars and Stripes Veterans Application available soon.

For more information contact us at 270.777.3600 or email