Our Volunteers

We at NBTR currently have over 100+ volunteers, and we’re always looking for more! Our volunteers serve as…

  • Office Staff
  • Photographers
  • Special Events Assistants
  • Work Crew
  • Horse Feeders
  • Leaders
  • Sidewalkers
  • Jr. Volunteers
  • Plus many more positions!

Who Can Volunteer?

Anyone who enjoys helping others can volunteer. You do not have to have horse experience to volunteer. Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age. To assist with lessons a person must be physically fit to walk approximately an hour and jog occasionally. Volunteers will need to commit 1-2 hours per week during our riding season.

Volunteering is a commitment and we need enough volunteers available for each rider so their ride can be safe and enjoyable. It is paramount that when you commit to a time that this time is kept because if we do not have enough volunteers for the day a rider may not be able to ride.

Volunteer Opportunities

Our major volunteer force is needed to work with our students as sidewalkers and horse leaders. We are also in need of volunteers for the office, fundraising, equipment care, horse schooling, photography and videography and special events.

Junior Volunteer Program

A Jr. Volunteer program is available for children from 9 to 13 years of age. These children should be able to follow instructions and guidance under adult supervision. Duties include keeping the facility clean and tidy, helping instructors and helping to prepare for classes. Horse experience is not required but is very helpful.

Before you can volunteer, you are required to complete a Volunteer Packet and attend an orientation. Orientations are scheduled throughout the season.

Volunteer Packet MASTER 2018


I saw a child who couldn’t walk, sit on a horse, laugh and talk. Then ride it
through a field of daises and yet he could not walk unaided.

I saw a child, no legs below, sit on a horse, and make it go through woods of
green and places he had never been to sit and stare, except from a chair.

I saw a child who could only crawl, mount a horse and sit up tall. Put it through degrees of paces and laugh at the wonder in our faces.

I saw a child born into strife take up and hold the reins of life and that same child was heard to say, “Thank God for showing me the way…” — John Anthony Davies