Our Volunteers

We at NBTR currently have over 100+ volunteers, and we’re always looking for more! Our volunteers serve as…

  • Office Staff
  • Photographers
  • Special Events Assistants
  • Horse Maintenance Assistants
  • Plus many more positions!
  • Leaders
  • Wranglers
  • Sidewalkers
  • Jr. Volunteers
  • Horse Exercisers


Hear what our volunteers are saying about NBTR…

“As I stopped yet again to shove my feet back into galoshes that kept getting sucked off in the deep mud, I mulled over the fact that if I were getting paid for this job, I’d get minimum wage and it wouldn’t be worth it. I must be doing this for love, I thought, and smiled as I dumped the last muck bucket. Even days like that particularly cold and wet one offer rewards. Coming out to New Beginnings one day a week to feed horses in the winter gives me the chance to touch base with the staff and my fellow volunteers as we commiserate about bad weather and jointly rejoice in the sunny days. I learn something with every visit, too. This week, Nancy gave me a suggestion for an alternative way to get a halter on head-tossing Quiz: a new technique to put in my bag of horse-handling tools. Other times I have learned about treatments for dew poisoning, injuries, navicular syndrome; or about some piece of equipment or tack. Then there are the horses I’ve come to know in the months I’ve been working there: noble KJ, earnest RW, patient CJ, handsome Rusty, whom I call Rustafarian, although the nickname might be better suited to sassy Cherokee, whose mane seems determined to twist into dreadlocks this winter, regal Rhoda, who always makes me think of Lady Godiva’s horse, and her funny, fuzzy sidekick Ella, famous for having the most plaintive bray in all of donkeydom. I stop to chat briefly and give them and their herd mates a pat or kiss on the nose as I go about my chores. Still, I miss the kids during the off season, especially the three I worked with the most. Shelby is my spiritual guide, with her generous soul and gentle eyes that quickly find the beauty in every horse they see. Joe always reminds me of the character in Little Big Man who became a Contrary, saying no when he means yes and even occasionally riding his horse backward; I clearly rose a notch in Joe’s estimation when he saw that I get his brand of humor. Petite Kalyssa, with a toss of her head and flick of the wrist declaring, “I like to be amused. Amuse me!” keeps me on my toes intellectually. Yes, I work at New Beginnings for love – but what I get in return has value beyond measure.”

The below quote sums up what we see and hear each time a rider is placed on a very strong and safe horse…this is why we need to continue helping our friends, our students, today. ” ~ Denise Anderson, Volunteer

I saw a child who couldn’t walk, sit on a horse, laugh and talk. Then ride it
through a field of daises and yet he could not walk unaided.

I saw a child, no legs below, sit on a horse, and make it go through woods of
green and places he had never been to sit and stare, except from a chair.

I saw a child who could only crawl, mount a horse and sit up tall. Put it through degrees of paces and laugh at the wonder in our faces.

I saw a child born into strife take up and hold the reins of life and that same child was heard to say, “Thank God for showing me the way…” — John Anthony Davies


Who Can Volunteer?

Anyone who enjoys helping others can volunteer. You do not have to have horse experience to volunteer. Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age. To assist with lessons a person must be physically fit to walk approximately an hour and jog occasionally. Volunteers will need to commit 1-2 hours per week during our riding season.

Volunteering is a commitment and we need enough volunteers available for each rider so their ride can be safe and enjoyable. It is paramount that when you commit to a time that this time is kept because if we do not have enough volunteers for the day a rider may not be able to ride.

Volunteer Opportunities

Our major volunteer force is needed to work with our students as sidewalkers and horse leaders. We are also in need of volunteers for the office, fundraising, equipment care, horse schooling, photography and videography and special events.

Junior Volunteer Program

A Jr. Volunteer program is available for children from 9 to 13 years of age. These children should be able to follow instructions and guidance under adult supervision. Duties include keeping the facility clean and tidy, helping instructors and helping to prepare for classes. Horse experience is not required but is very helpful.

Before you can volunteer, you are required to complete a Volunteer Packet and attend an orientation. Orientations are scheduled throughout the season.