Our Program Horses


We have 11 program horses that are extensively cared for. They are on strict diets and have a very detailed work out schedule in order to ensure the safety of both the riders and horses.

Our motto is “Happy, healthy, sound and well-trained horses are the key to success in Therapeutic Riding.”

How can I Adopt A Horse?

This program helps support our horses with feed, hay, veterinary needs, farrier and dental care. If you (or someone you know) would be interested in this program, feel free to contact us to discuss your interest in more detail.

Without the horse we are nothing…


Age: 19 years old  Height: 15.2hh   Weight: 1100 pounds

Color: Chestnut  Breed: Quarter Horse

Personality: She is a gentle giant and is usually one of the last to come to the gate. Her best friend is Chelsea.

Fun Fact: Horses produce an average of 40 to 50 pounds of manure a day!!



Age: 12 years old  Height: 14.2hh  Weight: 950 pounds

Color: Palomino  Breed: Quarter Horse

Personality: Chelsea is a sweet heart she is one of our most reliable beginner horses.

Fun Fact: The collar that you see on her head is to help prevent “cribbing.” Cribbing is when horses put their top teeth on a solid object and pull back causing them to “suck” in air. This gives them a release of endorphins giving them a “high.” Once they start cribbing they are an addict.






Age: 22 years old  Height: 15.1hh  Weight: 1000 pounds

Color: Chestnut  Breed: Quarter Horse/ Arabian cross

Personality: Copper has a quirky personality. He loves attention but he sometimes mistakes fingers for carrots.

Fun Fact:  You can tell a horses age by looking at their teeth.






Age: 15 years old  Height: 14.2hh  Weight: 950 pounds

Color: Black with spotted blanket  Breed: Appaloosa

Personality: Cookie has a spunky attitude. He loves attention but can very pushy with his nose.

Fun Fact: The Appaloosa breed was founded by the Nez Perce Indians in late 1800s.








Age: 13 years old  Height: 33in  Weight: 300 pounds

Color: Gray  Breed: Miniature Horse

Personality: Princess has a fiery attitude. She has little horse syndrome and does not think of herself any different than the other horses.

Fun Fact: Horses are measured in hands (4in across) from their hooves to their withers. However, miniatures are measured in inches.



Age: 29 years old  Height: 14.2hh  Weight: 1000 pounds

Color: Gray  Breed: Quarter Horse

Personality: CJ is the oldest horse on the farm; he is the founding horse of the program.

Fun Fact: Horses on average live to be 30-35 years old. The oldest horse recorded was 62!






Age: 9 years old  Height: at 16.1hh  Weight: about 1000 pounds

Color:  Bay  Breed: Thoroughbred

Personality: Flight is a very lovable kid. He is our youngest horse on the farm and he acts the part.

Fun Fact: Flight is an off the track thoroughbred and was run in over 100 races.








Age: 14 years old  Height: 15.1hh  Weight: around 1000 pounds

Color: Chestnut  Breed: Unknown/ Grade

Personality: Red is kind soul that loves being pet. He can be a little shy. He loves all of our students.

Fun Fact: When a horse has an unknown ancestry they are known as “Grade.”





Age: 19 years old   Height: 15.1hh  Weight: 1100 pounds

Color: Chestnut  Breed: Quarter Horse

Personality: Leroy is very content. He never gets upset, rarely is he ever spooked. He enjoys long naps and has been known to snore.

Fun Fact: Horses are unable to vomit. They also do not have a gag reflex.





Age: 23 years old  Height: 15hh  Weight: about 1100 pounds

Color: Chestnut  Breed: Quarter Horse

Personality: LB has a very assertive attitude. He can get very impatient at times, when he is not given enough attention.

Fun Fact: Chestnut and bay are the most common colors of Quarter Horses.